The Myopian Patients - Novocaine For Your Brain
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Welcome To The Myopian Patient's Official Website!
Hi! I'm MykeMyopia, the managerial prick of The Myopian Patients. We are a band that plays punkrock/alternative music. Oh yeah, We're doing it just for the money and all. Haha.
Myopic Site Updates
Yeah. We Fucking Rock.
This site has been officially created on May 21st, 2001.

We've decided to make The Myopian Patients purely into a soft music project. Playing alternative/punkrock stuff. We'll be placing all hardcore projects in another name in future.
Our Spanking New Logo!

Need Any Shit?
Any Questions Concerning the Music We Play, or The Stuff We Do, or if You are Interested In a Record Deal, Please E-mail MykeMyopia! Fans and Friends are Welcome to Write as Well!
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Our Kickass Final Design For the CD!
The Myopian Patients - "Welcome to Rockfield"