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About the Band
The Myopian Patients was formed around March 2001. I (Myke) actually wanted to form a simple punk band because I had several silly ideas in my head but it turns out that I actually considered it, and got my first lineup, which consisted of:
Me on Lead Guitar and Vox
My god-brother Sean on Rhythm Guitar
My classmates Zameer and Dan, Zameer on Bass Guitar and Dan on Drums.
We didn't have a name, but I took the phrase "Myopian Patient" from Dan as he was joking around, and it did have a catch to it. So it was made.
Sean decided after a while that he had no heart to play, and left the band with a friendly parting, Dan and Zameer stayed, although Dan wanted to quit as well. Dan caused alot of inconvenience for the band as he frequently came late for jamming sessions and didn't bother to show up at times. This made me fed up and I wanted to look for another drummer. It was hard finding a versatile drummer around the East side, so I decided to let Dan stay in, much to my dismay. My friend Bernard saw us jam one day and asked me if we were interested in signing on to the label he worked hand in hand with, Solitude Records. And that is the history of the band so far. We have never played a single cover song, perhaps we never will. Playing originals has always been our style, and that part we will never change.

How the Site Began
This is easy. I created the site to let people know more about my band, and more about us. Duh.
Hopefully we'll get a record deal. Song samples will be up as soon as we record our demo CD, hopefully by July or so.
Unfortunately, there has been a long delay because of lineup and song changes, so please bear with us, folks!

MykeMyopia: Lead Guitar, Vocals (All Lyrics and Music), Band Manager.

Zameer: Bass Guitar (Bass Music).

Dan: Drums


Riz: Band Photographer, Equipment Carrier, Miscellaneous tasks.

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